European Campaign for Safe Road Design Video


In the past 10 years, 2 million people have been killed or seriously injured in road crashes in the countries of the European Union. Europe can cut its toll of road deaths and serious injuries by a third through better road design. The European Campaign for Safe Road Design has won overwhelming support from key […]

Demonstrating a 4-Star road, 2+1 road design

This video shows a new type of 4-star road built to be as safe as possible.It stops head on crashes and doesn’t allow unfenced objects close to the roadside.It is the safest road type in the world and is being introduced in more and more European countries from Sweden to Ireland.

What happens when a car loses control on a motorway

A Catalan TV reporter out filming almost lost his life as the driver in this videos loses control of his vehicle. Its a reminder that the hard shoulder on a motorway is for emergencies only some 10% of British motorway deaths are pedestrians. There are two big failures in the safe road system here. Firstly, […]

Fifth Gear Video: what happens when a 5 star car meets a 1 star road


Originally aired 25th February 2008, Series 13 Episode 6. Fifth Gear reports on Safe Road Design. Presenter Tom Ford discovers what happens when an Ncap 5-star rated Renault Laguna meets a 1-star road. Important viewing.