UK’s Major Road Network: Time To Make It Safe

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Changes to the Highways Agency are a “once-in-a-generation” opportunity to put safety at the centre of investment in England’s strategic road network (SRN).

Development of Risk Models for the Road Assessment Programme

During 2001, a process of risk rate mapping was developed to enable the risk of fatal and serious injury accidents occurring on different parts of a network to be compared. As a second stage of risk comparison, a risk rating system was developed for EuroRAP. It ranked road sections, using a star rating, according to […]

Integrating Star Rating into Design

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EuroRAP and iRAP have supported the URS-Nathan-Universinj team in their work on rehabilitation of the M2-R7 in Moldova for the Millennium Challenge Corporation and the Republic of Moldova State Road Administration. This report assesses the likely effect of safety improvements after rehabilitation.

Roads That Cars Can Read 1: A consultation paper


This policy paper sets out the issues and suggests practical plans to define the tolerances and logical structure needed to read the road by machine, survey the extent to assess to which existing major road networks fall short and can be put right – and do so in a way which makes it easier and […]

Before-and-after studies using crash data and iRAP protocols

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There are many ways to evaluate improvements to road infrastructure to check that they are reducing risk. It is possible to monitor safety at particular locations or over networks as a whole. Over a long period of time, it is possible to check if the number of crashes has reduced at locations where infrastructure has […]

Crash rate – Star Rating comparisons: review of available evidence


This is a review of 11 studies that make comparisons between average crash rates, costs or severities and the Road Assessment Programme’s Star Rating or Road Protection Score (RPS). Work from Australia, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, Sweden (two studies), the United Kingdom and the United States is included. Different methodologies and approaches […]

Risk Mapping on Main Roads in Bosnia & Herzegovina

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Powerpoint presentation containing the first Risk Mapping results for main roads in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The presentation also details the organisation of the EuroRAP programme and plans for continued development.