Star Rating Roads for Safety: The EuroRAP methodology, consultation version

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This report explains how EuroRAP road inspections are carried out, the infrastructure elements that are assessed as part of the survey and how these elements are combined to calculate the EuroRAP Road Protection Score and Star Ratings. The document is presented here to enable practitioners to understand and engage with the EuroRAP protocols.

A EuroRAP case study: Potential for risk reductions on British inter-urban major roads


Just four types of collision account for 80% of fatal crashes on inter-urban roads across Europe. The design and standard of these roads determines the extent to which collisions occur and the severity of the resultant injuries. Mass action programmes provide the opportunity for systematic large-scale upgrading of sections of the road network with the […]

British EuroRAP Results 2005: Tracking collisions and road improvements; Monitoring motorcycle involvement; Benchmarking across Europe


This is the fourth consecutive year that The AA Motoring Trust has analysed collision data for Britain’s motorways and main roads. These lists and maps show clearly how travel on different roads carries a greater or lesser risk of being killed or seriously injured in a collision.