Road Test 2008-2010: Federal Roads in Germany


Full results report (in English) from the ADAC road inspection and Star Rating programme.

Unfit for 80: An Assessment of the Safety of England’s Motorways


The government has proposed raising the motorway speed limit to 80mph. This report looks at the evidence, including fresh analysis of the Foundation’s unique crash and engineering data and finds that currently motorways do not provide enough protection to drivers and car occupants to consider raising the speed limit. It outlines the negative economic effects […]

The EuroRAP Journey: 1999 to 2012


Success is a journey not a destination. EuroRAP began as an idea in 1999 to address the unnecessary and preventable toll of detah and serious injury on Europe’s roads. Within the Safe System approach, the programme sought to promote the least understood pillar of safe road infrastructure, developing consistent methods to measure and map safety […]

Czech EuroRAP Results 2011: Vysledky programu EuroRAP v Ceske republice (in Czech)

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Since the establishment of an independent Czech State 22,000 people have lost their lives in road accidents – the equivalent of the population of a medium district town. The latest results from the Czech EuroRAP programme were launched in November 2011. Results show that head-on crashes and side impact crashes at intersections account for one-third […]

Training in Safety Rating – Belgrade, Serbia


The half-day policy seminar is designed for those in authorities responsible for the strategic road safety and maintenance of national or regional road networks and for those in autoclubs, universities and other civil society groups working to support the UN Decade and make roads safe. Case studies and new evaluation will be presented. This seminar […]

Building modern roads for Moldova: EuroRAP safety ratings and recommendations 2011

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More than 2,500kms of key Moldovan roads have been assessed, problems have been diagnosed and affordable remedies identified. The findings are influencing the design of road projects shortly to be built and in preparation. The report identifies 20 types of improvement tailored site by site as top value-for-money priorities. For every Lei invested, 5 Lei […]

British EuroRAP results 2011: Simple Measures Save Lives

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Simple Measures Save Lives details the challenges and success stories in reducing the most serious crashes. It underlines the importance of designing out hidden surprises with self-explaining and forgiving roads. It shows how affordable investment in simple measures has made major contributions in achieving the best possible safety standards. Just 1% of Britain’s roads have […]

Before-and-after studies using crash data and iRAP protocols

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There are many ways to evaluate improvements to road infrastructure to check that they are reducing risk. It is possible to monitor safety at particular locations or over networks as a whole. Over a long period of time, it is possible to check if the number of crashes has reduced at locations where infrastructure has […]

Crash rate – Star Rating comparisons: review of available evidence


This is a review of 11 studies that make comparisons between average crash rates, costs or severities and the Road Assessment Programme’s Star Rating or Road Protection Score (RPS). Work from Australia, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, Sweden (two studies), the United Kingdom and the United States is included. Different methodologies and approaches […]

Lokaskýrsla fyrsta áfanga 2010 (Star Rating results 2010)

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A report (in Icelandic) detailing the inspection and Star Rating of Iceland’s main roads. the 465km of roads included in this report were initially assessed in 2006 and have been re-assessed in 2009 to explore how Star Ratings have changed with road improvements. Contains comprehesive results from road inspectiosn, alongside Risk Mapping results since 2001.