Making Road Safety Pay

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The report Making Road Safety Pay makes seven key recommendations which aim to change the national focus on road safety over the next decade.

British EuroRAP 2014 Results: How Safe Are You On Britain’s Roads?

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This report tracks which roads have improved, and those with persistent and unacceptable high risks. It highlights roads where authorities have taken effective action. On 15 stretches of roads, low cost action has reduced serious crashes by 80% worth a staggering £0.4bn to the economy.

British EuroRAP 2013 Results – Measuring to Manage

This report provides one key measure of Britain’s overall network safety performance from the combination of safer driving, safer vehicles and safer roads. But too much British improvement relies on improving vehicles not systematic improvement in infrastructure safety. The promised long term roads investment brings an exciting new opportunity to make our roads safer but […]

UK’s Major Road Network: Time To Make It Safe

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Changes to the Highways Agency are a “once-in-a-generation” opportunity to put safety at the centre of investment in England’s strategic road network (SRN).

ANWB – Road Safety Provincial Roads

Over 25% of fatal road accidents in the Netherlands take place on provincial roads although together these roads account for only 6% of the total Dutch road network. Provincial roads are generally well managed and maintained but the combination of a high speed limit (80 km/h) and the profiles of these roads means that a […]

EuroRAP SLOVENIJA 2012: Evropsko primerljivo vrednotenje stanja prometne varnosti cest v Sloveniji


(1) Karte tveganja ”Risk Map” 2009-2011 (2) Pilotni projekt vrednotenja cest glede na stanje cest in obcestja ”Star Rating” (3) Primerjalna analiza obdobij ”Performance Tracking” 2009-2011 in 2006-2008. This report is in Slovenian. The first report of its kind, bringing together all of the RAP protocols. Risk Mapping for 580kms of motorways and expressways, 810kms […]

EuroRAP SLOVENIA 2012: Safety Ranking Slovenia’s Road Network

The first report of its kind, bringing together all of the RAP protocols. Risk Mapping for 580kms of motorways and expressways, 810kms of main roads and 5100kms of regional roads covering the data period 2009-2011 are shown, alongside a comparison of network and indivdual road section performance since 2006-2008. Results from pilot Star Rating results […]

Crash costs on the Spanish national road network (in English)


RACC have published EuroRAP mapping showing road sections with the highest crash costs. The work is part of RACC’s strategy calling for road investment based on sound economic appraisal. Further work will be carried out in Catalonia with the development of a RAP Safer Roads Investment Plan, identifying road sections with the greatest benefit to […]