UAMK and AF City Plan release Czech Risk Maps of the national motorway network


UAMK and AF-CITYPLAN have been producing Risk Maps of the Czech road network since 2003.

Thanks to available accident and traffic flow databases, the two companies have already published EuroRAP Risk Maps from  2003-2013

In the Czech Republic Risk Mapping is being carried out on highways and motorways (734 km) and the first class roads (5,863 km), […]

Czech EuroRAP Results 2011: Vysledky programu EuroRAP v Ceske republice (in Czech)

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Since the establishment of an independent Czech State 22,000 people have lost their lives in road accidents – the equivalent of the population of a medium district town. The latest results from the Czech EuroRAP programme were launched in November 2011. Results show that head-on crashes and side impact crashes at intersections account for one-third […]

Riziková mapa Czech Republic 2003-2005


Risk Mapping results for primary roads in the Czech Republic – covering the three year data period 2003-2005. Results are in Czech.