What happens when a car loses control on a motorway

A Catalan TV reporter out filming almost lost his life as the driver in this videos loses control of his vehicle. Its a reminder that the hard shoulder on a motorway is for emergencies only some 10% of British motorway deaths are pedestrians. There are two big failures in the safe road system here. Firstly, this car did not have the electronic stability control which European law will demand by 2012. Secondly, the steep motorway embankment has no safety fence. The vehicle is not gently guided to a halt by a fence but it rolls away at high speed. Because motorways should be designed with the right safety equipment to be safe at their speed limit, they are generally the safest class of road. But many miles of British motorways fail to reach the safety standard they should with 25% of mileage not even falling into the low risk category.
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