Crash rate – Star Rating comparisons: review of available evidence

This is a review of 11 studies that make comparisons between average crash rates, costs or severities and the Road Assessment Programme’s Star Rating or Road Protection Score (RPS). Work from Australia, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, Sweden (two studies), the United Kingdom and the United States is included. Different methodologies and approaches have been used to answer the question “How well does the Star Rating of roads for safety match actual crash data?”. This review includes comparisons of (i) Star Rating data with accelerometers in real world crashes, (ii) visual comparisons of crash rates and Star Rating maps and (iii) elements of seven studies correlating average crash rates or crash costs with the Star Rating or RPS. The most robust studies included here show decreasing average crash or cost rates associated with increasing Star Rating and vice versa. This indicates that the Star Rating and RPS is providing a valid measure of injury risk.
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