Project Description

EuroRAP SLOVENIJA 2012: Evropsko primerljivo vrednotenje stanja prometne varnosti cest v Sloveniji

(1) Karte tveganja ”Risk Map” 2009-2011 (2) Pilotni projekt vrednotenja cest glede na stanje cest in obcestja ”Star Rating” (3) Primerjalna analiza obdobij ”Performance Tracking” 2009-2011 in 2006-2008. This report is in Slovenian. The first report of its kind, bringing together all of the RAP protocols. Risk Mapping for 580kms of motorways and expressways, 810kms of main roads and 5100kms of regional roads covering the data period 2009-2011 are shown, alongside a comparison of network and indivdual road section performance since 2006-2008. Results from pilot Star Rating results are also shown, along with a detailed Safer Roads Investment Plan on the G2-106: Ljubljana Kocevje-Petrina.
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