Touring Club Suisse (TCS) is Switzerland’s biggest mobility club with over 1.6 million members. It offers roadside protection, insurance solutions, customer information and training courses for motorcycle, car and truck drivers. TCS is also very active in road safety, contributing to national road safety campaigns and producing education material for school children.

TCS are active members of EuroTest and EuroTAP who influence infrastructure improvement. They also play a central role in analysing more than 400 pedestrian crossing roads.

  • Active Member: TCS (since 2003)

Risk Mapping

Risk maps showing the rate of fatal and serious crashes in Switzerland were published every three years since 1997 up to 2003.

Coverage spans the primary route network – motorways and main roads – totalling 7,000kms. This represents just 10% of Switzerland’s road length, but carries the majority of traffic. 1 in 3 fatal crashes, and 1 in 4 serious crashes, occur on these roads.

Results showed that 26% of the road network analysed were rated low risk and 47% in the second low-medium risk banding. Some 12% of the network fell into the two highest risk bands.

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Star Rating

In 2006, TCS undertook road inspections, covering 1,500kms of the highest risk roads. Inspections were carried out by the German automobile club, ADAC.

Results showed that 87% of the network achieved 3-stars with 13% achieving 4- or 5-stars.

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Anton Keller | Road Safety Manager | TCS
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