The Inter-Ministerial Commission for Road Safety is the lead agency for road safety policy in Spain. Improvements to road infrastucture are the responsibility of The General Directorate for Roads (DGC), part of the Ministry of Transport and Public Works.

The Spanish Road Safety Strategy 2011-2020 was published early in 2011. The document sets out the important progress made in recent years on issues such as driver behaviour, infrastructure improvement, and the national vehicle fleet.

  • Active Members: RACC (since 2003) and RACE (since 2003)
  • Authority Members: Servei Catala de Transit (since 2003)
  • Expert Members: Jesus Monclus (since 2003) and Leif Thorson Bofarull (since 2003)
  • Accredited Supplier: RACC
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Risk Mapping and Performance Tracking

Risk Mapping showing the rate of fatal and serious crashes in Spain have been published annually since 2003. From 2003 to 2012 analysis included the primary route network (RCE) comprising motorways, dual and single carriageways, extending to 24,340m. The EuroRAP network represents just 16% of Spain’s road length, but carries 52% of the traffic. More than one third (37%) of all fatal crashes outside built-up areas occur on these roads.

Risk maps have been available for the regional road network in Catalonia since 2002, with result spanning 6,347km. The EuroRAP network in Catalonia represents 52% of the road length, carries more than 86% of the traffic and 77% of all fatal and serious crashes.

Results are also available in various regions, focusing on the network managed by regional road administrations:

  • Basque Country (2005-2006): 1,243km, regional main roads & dual carriageways.
  • Murcia (2008): 1,476km, regional roads & dual carriageways.
  • Lleida (2010): 825km, provincial roads.
  • Aragon (2011): 1,152km, regional roads.

In April 2013, RACC published crash cost mapping showing for the national road network, showing that some 5% of the network exceeded crash costs of €200,000 per kilometre.

Motorcycle crashes account for 16% of all fatal and serious accidents on the RCE. This can rise to 75% on certain sections. 50% of these crashes occur within just 1,838km (8% of the network).

Together with the Road Safety Foundation in the UK, RACC released their 2014 Risk Map according the the 2020 Risk Bands.

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Star Rating

RACC operate a road inspection vehicle and are accredited suppliers of RAP road inspections and coding. In addition to carrying out inspection in Spain, the RACC vehicle and team have also been involved in inspecting roads in Italy, France, Serbia, Costa Rica, Chile, Peru, Argentina, and Paraguay.

In 2005, RACC released the first Star Rating results in Spain, covering 14,362km of inter-urban high capacity roads (RCE) managed by the Public Works Ministry. The sample included over 78% of the motorway network.

Since then, the inspection programme has been extended to include:

  • Catalonia (2006): 3,368km of inter-urban high capacity roads managed by the Land and Sustainability Department of Catalonia.
  • Murcia (2008): 1,100km of regional roads (single and dual carriageway) managed by the Roads General Directorate of Murcia.
  • Lleida (2010): 800km of single carriageway roads managed by the Lleida Council.
  • Aragon (2011): 200km of single carriageway roads managed by the Public Works and Transport Department of Aragon.
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