Road safety policy is centralised in Slovakia. The Ministry of Transport, Construction and Regional Development plays an important role in formulating national road safety strategy, setting targets and the development of the road safety programme.

Improvements to road infrastructure are the responsibility of the Ministry of Transport, Construction and Regional Development, the Slovak Road Administration and the National Highway Company.

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Risk Mapping

Slovakia has achieved Risk Mapping for over 10% of the network. The 5,000kms mapped carries 50% of all road deaths.

The latest results were undertaken as part of the SENSOR project which the Slovak Association of Motorsport (SAMS) was a partner. The Risk Map covers the three year data period 2009-2011.

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Star Rating

As part of the SENSoR project, inspections of 1,866km were carried out, 67% of which were single carriageways and Star Ratings were produced.

A quarter of vehicle occupant Star Ratings achieved 3-star or higher.

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