The road network in Poland is under continuous development. With over 380,000km of roads, 55,000km are paved and around 1,000km are motorways and expressways. The construction of 2,000km of motorway network and 3,000km of expressways is planned.

The main issues in road safety in Poland are:

  • poor road standards, transit roads passing through small cities and villages, and a lack of pedestrian facilities
  • a weak road safety management system with a lack of road safety management procedures and structures, and
  • a poor road safety culture among road participants, including excessive speed, low compliance with seatbelts and helmets, intoxication while driving.
  • Active Member: PZM (2007)
  • Expert Members: Foundation for Civil Engineering, FRIL (2006); Gdansk University of Technology (2006)
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Risk Mapping

In Poland a comprehensive package of Risk Mapping has been developed and is updated regularly. All details can be found at www.eurorap.pl.

Maps have included fatal and serious crashes per kilomtre travelled (indivdual risk), fatal and serious crashes per km (crash density) and those showing the highest risk road sections.

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Wiktoria Laskus | PZM

Kazimierz Jamroz | FRIL

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