On July 17, 2005, the Government of Israel decided to adopt and approve the principles of the Committee for the Prepation of a National Multiyear Road Safety Plan report. The recommendations of the report were based on the economic feasibility of investing in road safety and focused on 4 aspects: goals, responsibility, independence and financial sources.

The Governments decision embraced these elements and the plan was set in motion. The National Road safety Authority was established in 2007. The Authority set itself the goals of leading national road safety strategy.

Towards Safer Roads: National Road Safety Plan 2020 sets out the goal to reach a level of road safety on a par with leading countries, within ten years. Achieveing this goal would mean a reduction in the number of traffic fatalities to less than 300 a year by 2015. The Authority recommends setting a target of no more than 270 fatalities per year by 2020.

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Risk Mapping

The National Road Safety Plan 2020 sets out goals for improved infrastructure safety. Goals for 2015 include implementing the EuroRAP Risk Mapping methodology for the entire rural road network in Israel.

On completion of this mapping, a realistic goal will be set for upgrading the infrastructure and adapting it to the EuroRAP standards by 2020.

Pilot Risk Mapping has been completed for 4,723 km of rural roads in Israel. The network assessed includes 341km of motorways and grade-separated dual carriageways, 643km of dual carriageways and 1,197km of single carriageways.

Fatal and serious crash data and traffic flow data for the three year data period 2007-2009 have been collated. Mapping for crashes per km, crashes per km travelled and risk according to roads of a similar type have been produced.

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