The EuroRAP programme in Ireland is a unique partnership between the National Roads Authority and AA Ireland in the Republic and Roads Service (Department for Regional Development) and the Road Safety Foundation in Northern Ireland. AA Ireland, as Expert, were founding Members of the EuroRAP Association.
  • Active Members: Road Safety Foundation (since 2002), Founding Member
  • Authority Members: National Roads Authority (since 2003); Department for Regional Development Northern Ireland (since 2004)
  • Expert Member: AA Ireland (since 2003)
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Risk Mapping

In 2005 the Republic of Ireland’s National Roads Authority and Roads Service Northern Ireland jointly applied the EuroRAP Risk Mapping methodology to motorways and major highways. Crash and traffic data for the five year period 1998-2002 inclusive was collated and assessed.

In the Republic of Ireland, the National Road Network spanned 5,400km and comprised 93% of single carriageways, 4% dual and 3% motorway. This represented around 6% of the entire road network and accounted for 47% of all travel. Just under half of all road deaths occurred on this network.

In Northern Ireland analysis covered main regional inter-urban routes, approximately 2,200km in length. 89% of this network was single carriageway, 6% dual and 5% motorway. This represented about 9% of the entire road network, accounted for around 60% of all travel, and half of all road deaths.

Results showed that the fatal collision rate of an average rural single carriageway was twice that of a dual and 6 times that of a motorway.

In the Republic sections of road with higher than average risk were distributed throughout the network, with 10% rated as medium-high risk and 2% rated as high risk.

In Northern Ireland 19% of the network was rated medium-high risk. No sections fell into the high risk banding.

Updated results were published in 2008, covering the data period 2002 to 2006. This showed that all high risk sections had been eliminated. Out of the 125 sections assessed in Northern Ireland, 112 had improved or remained within the same risk band.

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Star Rating

The first developmental road inspections were carried out in 2008 on a selected sample of roads North and South. Routes were carefully chosen to include the full range of road types.

In Northern Ireland, primary routes were identified and assessed. The survey looked at the strategic road network and covered a length of 620km, focussing on routes linking the main areas of population. In the Republic, paired routes were selected for assessment. Surveys were carried out on links between towns where there were generally more than one route available to the driver. This allows the driver to assess the safety of alternative routes.

Surveys were carried out using the ADAC inspection vehicle, crewed by a team from SWECO (Sweden) and ADAC (Germany).

In the Republic of Ireland 85.5% of motorways were rated 4-star, with the remaining 14.5% being 3-star. The newly constructed motorways and dual carriageways achieved 4-stars. In Northern Ireland over 25% of motorways achieved the best 4-star standard, over 50% were 3-star and 20% were rated as just 2-stars.

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Mr. Harry Cullen | Senior Project Engineer | NRA


Mr. Greg McClelland | Road Safety Policy Manager | DRDNI

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