KTI is the scientific background institute of the National Ministry for Development, responsible for road safety in Hungary.

The Road Safety Centre has experience and expertise in the field of infrastructure safety.

KTI works in close cooperation with road authorities and deals with, among other things, the identification and elimination of blackspots, road safety audits and road safety inspections.

Risk Mapping

The Institute for Transport Sciences (KTI) was a Partner of the SENSoR project who produced a Risk Map of a 2,918km network which covers the 2008-2010 data period. The network accounts for 92% of the TEN-T network.

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Star Rating

As part of the SENSoR project, inspections of 2,923km were carried out, 66% of which were single carriageways and Star Ratings were produced.

Less than half of vehicle occupant Star Ratings achieved 3-star or higher.

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Contact details

Professor Peter Hollo | Research Professor| KTI Institute for Transport Sciences | Tel: +36 1371 5936
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