All stakeholders involved in road safety are coordinated by the Inter-Ministerial Committee on road safety. The Committee is chaired by the Minister of Citizen Protection.

Improvements to road infrastructure are managed by the Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks for TEN-T and national roads in addition to the Athens metropolitan area main road network. Inter-urban and rural networks are the responsibility of the Decentralised Administration (Regions). Urban roads are the responsibility of the municipalities.

The Greek Strategic Plan has adopted the vision of sustainable road safety and its five safety principles: functionality of the road, homogeneity of mass and/or speed and direction, forgiveness of the environment and road users, predictability of road course and road user behaviour by recognisable road design, and state awareness by road users.

The latest Greek road safety plan runs from 2011-2020, setting the target of halving the number of road fatalities by 2020, compared to 2011.

Priority topics to achieve this aim is mainly directed at development of road safety culture among Greek road users.

  • Active Member: Road Safety Institute Panos Mylonas (since 2008)
  • Expert Members: ELPA (since 2008), Make Roads Safe Hellas (since 2013)
  • Accredited Supplier: Transportation Solutions
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Risk Mapping

The casualty rate is Greece is a major concern. The first full Risk Mapping results for Greece became available in 2011 allowing the first comparisons with other European nations. Mapping is based on the number of fatal crashes between the data periods 2005-2007 inclusive. The most recent version of Risk Mapping for Greece incorporates the number of fatal crashes for the period 2008-2010.

EU nations have committed themselves to achieve the ‘best possible safety standards’ on the Trans-European Road Network (TEN-T). The Risk Mapping presented for Greece accounts for all of its Core and Comprehensive TEN-T road network, according to the latest EC Decision (2011).

Make Roads Safe Hellas was the Lead Partner of the SENSoR project who together with Transportation Solutions produced an updated Risk Map of the 4,323km TEN-T network which covers the 2008-2010 data period.

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Star Rating

As part of the SENSoR project, inspections of 3,340km were carried out, 58% of which were single carriageways  and Star Ratings were produced.

Less than half of vehicle occupant Star Ratings achieved 3-star or higher.

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Mr. Stelios Efstathiadis | Road Safety Institute Panos Mylonas
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