Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil Club e.V. (ADAC) is Europe’s largest automobile club, representing the mobility interests of approx. 18 million members. In addition to the provision of roadside assistance by its own road patrols, the key activities of ADAC include consumer protection and road safety.

In May 2009, ADAC presented its comprehensive road safety paper. This paper outlines ADAC’s core demands for increasing road safety and ADAC’s contribution to making roads safer by addressing 27 key issues in the following fields of action: people, vehicles, roads and rescue.

  • Active Member: ADAC (since 2002)
  • Expert Member: Dr Ing Norbert Klassen (since 2008)
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Starting in 2004 the ADAC has inspected an extensive motorway and secondary road network in Germany. To date 6,500kms of motorways (dual carriageways) and 15,000kms of federal highways and state roads (mostly single carriageways) have been assessed.

Some 75% of German motorway achieves the “low” risk rating.  Similarly, 70% of German motorways score a 4- or 5- star rating with the main flaws being in run-off protection and junction layout.

While motorways and some dual carriageway federal highways provide high safety standards, single carriageways need improvement. The lack of a median barrier, frequent obstacles (trees) near to the edge of the road and high legal speed limits contribute to severe accident damage and subsequently poor Star Ratings.

ADAC is operating an inspection vehicle sponsored by Mercedes-Benz and have undertaken work in Germany, the UK and Africa. The inspection system was updated from initially a SWECO VICS to ArgVideo from Schniering. Road infrastructure features have been collected according to the latest EuroRAP protocols available at the time. ADAC currently uses RPS version 1.0 for passive safety features only.

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