Czech Republic

Policy making is centralised in Czech Republic. The Ministry of Transport is the main responsible authority for road safety policy in the Czech Republic.

UAMK is an independent civil association providing a wide range of motoring services including assistance services, traffic and touring information service, organisation of sports, public policy and educational events.

UAMK also actively participates in the implementation of road safety and accident prevention programmes including initiatives linked to the National Road Safety Strategy.

  • Active Member: UAMK (since 2005)
  • Accredited Supplier: CityPlan
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Risk Mapping

Risk Mapping was the first EuroRAP protocol introduced in the Czech Republic (2007). As a pilot feasibility study, mapping was performed on the primary road network of the Central Bohemia Region, covering the data period 2003-2005. Following this pilot, mapping of all dual carriageways (highways and expressways) and class I roads (mostly single carriageways) was produced building on the same data range. Since then the mapping has been updated on an annual basis, with the newest map available for the period 2011-2013. The network covers 6,600km.
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Star Rating

In the period of 2008-2011, UAMK and CityPlan developed a road inspection system for EuroRAP Star Rating. It was tested on numerous cases and later in 2011 accredited for EuroRAP on a pilot project for D1 motorway. This pilot inspection and calculation was carried out on 194km of the D1 from Brno to Prague.

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Roman Turza | Strategic Development Director | UAMK | Tel: +4202 6110 4304
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