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Crete Star Rating Demonstration


Full results including detailed analysis and commentary on the 2012 EuroRAP results for the National Road Network (RCE) in Spain.

Serbian Results 2009


This report presents Star Ratings and a countermeasure programme for almost 3,000kms of strategically important roads throughout Serbia. It identifies opportunities to prevent more than 5,000 deaths and serious injuries over 20 years.

EuroRAP in Iceland: Afangaskyrsla 2008 (In Icelandic)

A report documenting results from road inspections on main roads in Iceland, including comprehensive maps and tables of overall Star Rating scores, alongside scores for junctions, roadsides, and median. A specific finding in the report relates to the design and placement of roadside lighting columns. Designed to break away on impact the study revealed that […]

Demonstrating a 4-Star road, 2+1 road design

This video shows a new type of 4-star road built to be as safe as possible.It stops head on crashes and doesn’t allow unfenced objects close to the roadside.It is the safest road type in the world and is being introduced in more and more European countries from Sweden to Ireland.

What happens when a car loses control on a motorway

A Catalan TV reporter out filming almost lost his life as the driver in this videos loses control of his vehicle. Its a reminder that the hard shoulder on a motorway is for emergencies only some 10% of British motorway deaths are pedestrians. There are two big failures in the safe road system here. Firstly, […]

iRAP Case Study 1: Safety first: how road authorities in London are reversing the trend

One of the busiest cities on the planet has made huge inroads to improving road safety. Although the three Es have played a vital role in ensuring 2010 targets were hit ahead of schedule, an altogether different approach may be needed in the future

iRAP case study 2: Republic Enemy: how Ireland’s road authorities are confronting bad road design

For the first time since 1986, the Republic of Ireland has moved below the average EU road death rate. Employing common sense engineering modifications, victory could now be within sight for the country’s safety officials.

iRAP case study 3: Designs for life: How an Australian state is dealing with road safety

Victorian officials have a vested interest in maintaining the state’s leading position in road safety. By investing heavily in reducing injuries and saving lives, the entire community is reaping the rewards

iRAP case study 4: What goes around…How Brazil has rediscovered the merits of the roundabout

Roundabouts have proved to be a highly cost-effective presence on the roads of Brazil. Inexpensive to construct, their benefits in the reduction of road deaths and vehicle collisions are incalculable.