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Risk Mapping on Main Roads in Bosnia & Herzegovina

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Powerpoint presentation containing the first Risk Mapping results for main roads in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The presentation also details the organisation of the EuroRAP programme and plans for continued development.

Lokaskýrsla fyrsta áfanga 2010 (Star Rating results 2010)

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A report (in Icelandic) detailing the inspection and Star Rating of Iceland’s main roads. the 465km of roads included in this report were initially assessed in 2006 and have been re-assessed in 2009 to explore how Star Ratings have changed with road improvements. Contains comprehesive results from road inspectiosn, alongside Risk Mapping results since 2001.

Risk Mapping results for main roads in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Risk Mapping results showing the statistical risk of traffic accidents resulting in death or serious injury occurring on FB&H main roads for 2006-2008 covering over 2,000kms in total.

How Safe Are You on Europe’s Trade Routes? Measuring and mapping the safety of the TEN-T network


Less than a third of Europe’s major trading road routes meet the best possible safety standard to which EU nations have committed themselves on the network, according to a new report published by EuroRAP. The report for the first time provides comprehensive analysis of the safety of Europes TEN-T road network across 15 countries and […]

Atlas ryzyka na drogach województwa pomorskiego 2007-2009

Comprehensive Risk Mapping results for the Pomorskie region. Results in Polish.

Atlas ryzyka na drogach województwa warmińsko-mazurskiego 2007-2009


Comprehensive Risk Mapping results for the warmińsko-mazurskiego region. Results in Polish.

British EuroRAP Results 2010: Saving lives for less, identifying the network on which Britain’s road deaths are concentrated

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This report provides the most comprehensive analysis of its type anywhere in the world. It shows not only that Britain can reduce road deaths and serious injuries, but that we can do so with high economic returns by targeting a relatively small mileage of high risk roads. This report shows that 50% of road deaths […]

Les Routes Francaises Sout-Elles Sures? Resultats des inspections des itineraires touristiques


Les automobilistes de l’UE qui planifient leur voyage annuel de tournée en France sont avertis que, se ils peuvent se attendre aux plus hautes normes techniques de sécurité en Europe sur les autoroutes , la sécurité des autres routes populaires de tourisme français est beaucoup plus faible . Automobilistes britanniques confrontés à des niveaux de […]

How Safe Are You on French Roads? Results from Touring Route Inspections

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EU motorists planning their annual touring trip to France are warned that, while they can expect the highest safety engineering standards in Europe on the autoroutes, the safety of other popular French touring roads is far lower. British motorists face risk levels in France last seen on roads at home 15 years ago, according to […]

Protect and Survive: Star Rating England’s National Road Network for Safety


These are the results of the EuroRAP Star Rating of the trunk roads in England. These roads are the responsibility of the Highways Agency. Ratings have been completed for the whole of the Highways Agency network in England. The report explains how the study was done, lists those roads in each category with the lowest […]