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iRAP case study 5: Circle of Influence: How France has used roundabouts to cut casualties

The burgeoning growth of roundabouts in France is testament to their emerging popularity across the globe. A key reason behind the steady rise of the roundabout is the positive impact it has on road safety.

Riziková mapa Czech Republic 2003-2005


Risk Mapping results for primary roads in the Czech Republic – covering the three year data period 2003-2005. Results are in Czech.

Fifth Gear Video: what happens when a 5 star car meets a 1 star road


Originally aired 25th February 2008, Series 13 Episode 6. Fifth Gear reports on Safe Road Design. Presenter Tom Ford discovers what happens when an Ncap 5-star rated Renault Laguna meets a 1-star road. Important viewing.

How Safe Are You on Europe’s Roads?


This map shows the changing risk of death and serious injury that road-users face across Europe’s major road network. Your risk can change greatly as you turn from one road section onto another. Even within the same country, you can be over 10 times more likely to die on some main roads than others. By […]

A EuroRAP case study: Potential for risk reductions on British inter-urban major roads


Just four types of collision account for 80% of fatal crashes on inter-urban roads across Europe. The design and standard of these roads determines the extent to which collisions occur and the severity of the resultant injuries. Mass action programmes provide the opportunity for systematic large-scale upgrading of sections of the road network with the […]

From Arctic to Mediterranean: First Pan-European Progress Report

Almost all of us know someone who has been killed in a road crash. In the last decade alone, half a million Europeans have been killed on our roads. This reservoir of human suffering rarely surfaces in the media – each personal tragedy is endured by the few involved. In 2001, pilot EuroRAP results were […]

British EuroRAP Results 2005: Tracking collisions and road improvements; Monitoring motorcycle involvement; Benchmarking across Europe


This is the fourth consecutive year that The AA Motoring Trust has analysed collision data for Britain’s motorways and main roads. These lists and maps show clearly how travel on different roads carries a greater or lesser risk of being killed or seriously injured in a collision.

Road Protection Score – Method & Pilot Results

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A briefing note on the early development of the Road Protection Score