Protect and Survive: Star Rating England’s National Road Network for Safety


These are the results of the EuroRAP Star Rating of the trunk roads in England. These roads are the responsibility of the Highways Agency. Ratings have been completed for the whole of the Highways Agency network in England. The report explains how the study was done, lists those roads in each category with the lowest […]

Measuring and mapping the safety of Europe’s roads: British, Belgian and Dutch snapshot map

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Mapping showing risk rate per billion vehicle kilometres in Britain, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Fifth Gear Video: what happens when a 5 star car meets a 1 star road


Originally aired 25th February 2008, Series 13 Episode 6. Fifth Gear reports on Safe Road Design. Presenter Tom Ford discovers what happens when an Ncap 5-star rated Renault Laguna meets a 1-star road. Important viewing.