The Safe System

Evidence that road traffic injuries can be prevented are compelling. Countries that have invested in road safety for many decades have shown how effective strategies can reduce the European burden.

A systematic approach and strong coordination between stakeholders are key factors in countries that show the best safety performance in road safety management. Sweden’s Vision Zero and the Dutch Sustainable Safety approach are based on the explicit vision aimed at preventing deaths and serious injuries by reshaping road transport into an inherently safe system – safe drivers, in safe cars, on safe roads.

Countries across Europe are now performance managing busy high risk national routes to minumum safety standards.

  • In the Netherlands, a target for a minimum 3-star safety standard by 2020 has been set
  • In Sweden, a target for 75% of road travel on safe roads by 2020 has been declared
  • In Great Britain, a target for a minimum 3-star safety for 90% of travel on the Highways England network by 2020.

Simple, affordable improvements to road infrastructure can dramatically reduce both risk of crashes and the severity of those that do occur.

The most effective way to save lives is to target high-risk routes with economically viable solutions. Building life-saving safety features into new roads and retro-fitting old roads is affordable and achievable.

Now is the time for action.

Large-scale, sustained and immediate improvements to high risk roads will save lives today and long into the future.