EuroRAP has 3 classes of membership

All EuroRAP’s members are not-for-profit entities or statutory road concessionaires
  • Active Members: civils society such as automobile associations;
  • Authority Members: ministries, national and regional road authorities, public authorities and public bodies or organisations;
  • Experts: research institutions, road safety experts or organisations committed to contribute to the programme of the Association.
Current membership under each of these categories are listed on this page. For more details and requests for membership contact

Membership is not awarded to any trade organisation, company or consultancy engaged commercially in road design, construction or supply. However, the Association values highly the contribution that its commercial Technical Partners make to the execution of its Members’ programmes.

EuroRAP programmes typically involve a number of organisations, representing civil society, road authorities, Government departments, road safety organisations and research institutions. The number and their roles and responsibilities vary between countries. Detailed information on the organisations involved in EuroRAP programmes can be found in Partner Countries.

National programmes are typically self-financed by in-country automobile associations, national and regional governments, road safety funds, university research grants or national sponsorship.

A key benefit for Active and Authority Members is the granting of annual licences by EuroRAP to use the current schedule of protocols and trademarks. To enable the sharing of best practice and knowledge transfer the Association also operates an “out of territory” licensing scheme so that Members may use the results of other members within their own Territories. Licences are issued free of charge.

Members are responsible for managing the use of the EuroRAP protocols in their territories and are encouraged to enter into a formal Memorandum of Understanding or Agreement with Authority and/or Expert Members. Their key responsibility is to ensure the quality achieved is at least as high as other EuroRAP Members.