Accredited Suppliers

In 2006, the EuroRAP General Assembly resolved that suppliers should be accredited and licensed by EuroRAP for Star Rating projects approved by active members. The accreditation is managed by iRAP centrally on behalf of EuroRAP. The network of accredited road safety professionals and companies capable of competitively bidding to provide high-quality RAP assessments is growing.

The following table lists companies that are accredited to undertake RAP-specification services.

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Charges by the Association for Services

In 2006, a Consultation Document entitled “Competition and Quality in Road Inspections” was issued by the Association in a consultation exercise led by the (then) Swedish Road Administration. The purpose of the consultation was to establish arrangements so that fair competition could take place between suppliers in road inspection and scoring work. This is required by public bodies, charities and the policies of many auto clubs. The policies proposed in this document were accepted by the EuroRAP General Assembly.

From 1st January 2011, the Association introduced a scale of charges for scoring of road inspections as a fair and efficient way for Authority Members to make contributions to the costs of maintaining the Association and its systems. The scale of charges is constructed so that scoring charges are not a major cost in relation to the overall cost of projects. The typical scoring charge is €5 per km and all accredited technical suppliers must ensure this charge is included in their tenders to Members to enable proper comparative tender evaluations to take place.

For more information

If you would like to build the capacity to undertake RAP assessments within your government agency or would like to become an accredited supplier able to tender for RAP projects, please contact:

James Bradford
Global Operations Manager