The European Road Assessment Programme (EuroRAP) is an international not for profit association set up in 1999 and registered in Belgium that is dedicated to saving lives through safer roads.

The programme aims to reduce death and serious injury through a programme of systematic assessment of risk, identifying the major shortcomings that can be addressed by practical road improvement measures. It forges partnerships between those responsible for a safe road system – civil society, motoring organisations, vehicle manufacturers and road authorities – and aims to ensure that assessment of risk lies at the heart of strategic decisions on route improvements, crash protection and standards of route management.

Its Members are automobile and touring clubs, national and regional road authorities, and researchers. The programme receives structural funding from the FIA Foundation, the International Road Assessment Programme (iRAP), and the European vehicle manufacturers’ association (ACEA).

EuroRAP has two subsidiaries – EuroRAP SK, registered in Slovakia, and the European Institute of Road Assessment, based in Slovenia.

Legal Status

EuroRAP is an international not for profit association (association international sans but lucratif), registered in Belgium, company no. 0479824257 registration no. 50962003 on 5 September 2002. The Association is organised in accordance with the Belgian law of 25 October 1919, as amended from time to time. EU transparency Register 140030415115-75. Click here for more on Governance

RAP Partners