iRAP win Prince Michael award for continuing to ensure safer roads worldwide

iRAP has won a Prince Michael award for Road Safety in Melbourne at the Policy & Donor Forum 2014.  The charity was established by EuroRAP in 2005 so that road assessment could be rolled out […]

Dutch Provincial Road Show Rolls Out

Dutch Provincial roads comprise only 6% of the country’s road network but account for a quarter of all deaths. Dutch Founder EuroRAP Member, ANWB, presented the results of Europe’s first comprehensive provincial road inspection results […]

Governments can ask for RAP Technical Assistance” say Banks

Guests at the General Assembly included international financial institutions. In a special session, Chaim Poran from the US Millenium Challenge Corporation (MCC) explained how MCC had grant funded the M2 road with a ‘star rated’ […]

KTI Risk Map launch at EuroRAP General Assembly

EuroRAP’s 12th  Annual General Assembly was held 8-10 April 2014 at the Art’otel, Budapest, Hungary. SENSOR meetings also took place on the 7th/8th April. EuroRAP Members and Technical Partners were warmly welcomed to the very […]

Interactive presentation of SENSoR SEE road inspections

The world’s largest transnational RAP project, SENSOR, involving 14 European countries held meetings in Budapest 7-8 April alongside the EuroRAP General Assembly.  Members in south east Europe held a workshop with the Commission to develop […]

New Risk Mapping on national roads in Poland 2010-2012

For the sixth time, in the framework of European Road Assessment Programme EuroRAP, scientists from the Gdansk University of Technology, together with experts from the Polish Automobile and Motorcycle Association and the Foundation for Civil […]

Road Accidents on the primary road network in Italy 2012

In 2012, in Italy occurred a total of 186,726 accidents, which caused 3,653 deaths and 264,716 injuries. The number of accidents, injuries and deaths has continued the downward trend, decreasing respectively by 9.2%, 9.3% and […]

SENSOR Launched in FYR Macedonia

The Sensor project in the FYR Macedonia officially started on 09.01.2014. The survey has covered 500 kilometers of the Trans European network during 4 days of road inspection surveys.

The Press Conference took place at the […]

Risk Mapping the Spanish National Road Network

RACC have recently published new Risk Mapping showing the results for the Spanish and Catalonian Networks
Spanish Network
Now in the 11th year, 1,355 sections of the Spanish road network have been assessed, representing 24,438 Km of […]