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About EuroRAP

Safer Roads Save Lives

EuroRAP aims to close the gap between policy and practice by providing a crucial link, at the tactical planning level, between strategic targets set by governments or highway authorities for casualty reduction and the operational engineering activities required to achieve these targets. It provides a common language that everyone can speak.

EuroRAP operates by measuring and raising awareness of risk, encouraging good practice and promoting the innovative implementation of road infrastructure measures known to reduce fatal and serious collisions. Our international processes and protocols provide a framework to pull through large-scale programmes to upgrade the safety performance of road networks where people are dying in large numbers.

EuroRAP demonstrates how affordable, high-return safety engineering can save lives. Our values are built on a solid foundation of robust and consistent methods - simple to understand and easy to apply - and clear and concise information aimed at a wide audience, encouraging buy-in at all stakeholder levels: public awareness and pressure to act; political commitment; funding from treasury; road authority action; development bank leadership and the design and construction skills of road engineers. 

We Must Be Proactive

The level of road fatalities and injuries remains an unacceptable social and economic burden on families, business and communities. In terms of crash costs alone, more than 2% of European GDP is lost annually.

Today the safety of public roads is seen as a system in which the way we drive the vehicles we drive and the roads we drive on all combine to determine how safe we are.

We must be proactive and treat known high risks. To do so we need:

  • Safe drivers, safe vehicles and safe roads
  • 'Self-explaining' and 'forgiving' roads of top performing countries
  • To make road deaths no more acceptable than rail or air crashes.

Europe's motoring clubs are taking poll position in raising awareness and understanding of the how affordable safety improvement programmes can save hundreds of thousands of lives and serious injuries over the next decade by removing the road features that kill and maim.

In the next decade we can save at least 0.5% of European GDP with an affordable, high return programme - saving at least 300 deaths and serious injuries every day.

Our Stakeholders

Politicians & public

EuroRAP illustrates in simple, concise terms the safety performance of roads and the business case for improvement

Finance ministries, road authorities & development banks

EuroRAP provides confidence that investment in safer road infrastructure is a good use of public funds through economic modelling of the long term benefits of countermeasure implementation

Road engineers

EuroRAP provides robust and reliable support for investment decision making, performance tracking, planning and design of road improvements, and a platform for collaboration with road engineers and safety officers

Automobile clubs

EuroRAP provides the international benchmark, technical credibility and networks to enable clubs to undertake advocacy and engagement for safer road infrastructure

Financial Supporters

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