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EuroRAP is providing expert advice, guidance and support to the South East Europe Safe Routes (SENSoR) Project which began in autumn 2012 and will finish at the end of September 2014.


The project builds on outstanding cooperation between automobile clubs, universities and road authorities. Co-financed by the South East Europe (SEE) Transnational Cooperation Programme and the European Union, it brings together 14 countries - Greece, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Republic of Moldova, Serbia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Albania, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Romania, and Ukraine.


Most countries in South East Europe are constructing new roads or rehabilitating existing roads to achieve mobility benefits and need assistance to target investment so that they can raise the overall level of safety performance of routes in a measurable way. Some countries currently have safety programmes focusing on blackspots which, while highly effective at a local level, are not of a scale proportionate to the loss of life and limb.


Development banks globally have jointly announced their support for safety ratings and improving infrastructure safety performance measurably as part of their UN Decade of Action for Road Safety commitment. The SENSoR project takes safety rating to the next level - moving from measurement to action by identifying the risks that road users face from infrastructure and the changes that can save the most lives for the money available.


To do so, Project Partners will apply the latest tools from iRAP, which is supporting countries and financial institutions worldwide during the UN Decade. The results give GPS-mapped sites where improvements, often as simple as barriers, school crossings or roadside hazard clearance, can make a difference.


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In 2012, in Italy occurred a total of 186,726 accidents, which caused 3,653 deaths and 264,716 injuries. The number of accidents, injuries and deaths has continued the downward trend, decreasing respectively by 9.2%, 9.3% and 5.4 in comparison with 2011. For more on this story please click here



New Risk Mapping on national roads in Poland 2010-2012 For the sixth time, in the framework of EuroRAP, scientists from the Gdansk University of Technology, together with experts from the Polish Automobile and Motorcycle Association and the Foundation for Civil Engineering Development, developed a risk map for national roads in Poland.




The Sensor project in the FYR Macedonia officially started on 09.01.2014 the survey has covered 500 kilometers of the Trans European network during 4 days of road inspection surveys.


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RACC have recently published their annual Risk Mapping results, for the Spanish and Catalonian Networks.


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A press conference was held in Serbia at the Government of the Republic on 26 December, 2013. Auto-Moto Association of Serbia (AMSS) and the Road Safety Agency published the pilot project report with the star rating and Risk Mapping results of the IA-2/M-22 road Ibarska magistrala, from Belgrade to Cacak.


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