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Telematics Motor Insurance for Young Drivers

The Treasury should remove insurance premium tax from telematics insurance policies for under-25's says the Road Safety Foundation today.  This key recommendation is announced by the charity early to meet the Treasury's consultation timetable for budget proposals which has just closed.


Road crashes are the leading cause of death and life changing injury for young people.   Successive governments over 20 years have stalled over "graduated licensing" which has been introduced in countries such as the USA, Sweden and New Zealand.  Graduated licensing typically places restrictions on night time driving or the number of passengers carried by young drivers. Last year the government told Parliament:


"the safety of young people on the roads is very important to us. But we are wrestling with how to make things safer, whilst not unduly restricting the freedom of our young people."  


Commenting on the Foundation's recommendation, Council Member John Dawson said: 


"Telematics insurance is a 21st century solution for a problem which governments admit they have wrestled with for 20 years.  Governments have been unwilling to implement restrictions such as bans on night time driving or carrying passengers. Technology means not only can we make young driver insurance cheaper but it avoids restrictions such as bans on night time driving or carrying passengers. Telematics insurance is relatively new but already a quarter of all under-25's are insured in this way and it means we can make young driver insurance cheaper.  There are now more than a dozen products on the market and all major insurers provide some form of offering. We can now accelerate the take-up in a competitive market and save thousands of deaths or injuries annually.


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